The Advantages

Permeable paving using Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ paving units is environmentally friendly and economically sound, as well as having health benefits for human, animal and plant species.


Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ are both porous paving units which means water can permeate through the total surface of the paved area. This unique characteristic means that debris cannot accumulate in the joints and infiltration rates are maintained at 25mm per minute. Both Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ are durable and strong and comply with all Australian standards for pedestrian, industrial and commercial applications.

Environmental Benefits

Permeable paving with Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ have enormous environmental benefits. These benefits predominately relate to the quality and the quantity of our scarce water resources, making a significant contribution to WSUD. Premier Hydropavers® are manufactured using 100% recycled waste material which means there is no raw material extruded to manufacture these pavers. Premier Hydropavers® also mitigate the urban heat island effect and are and are classified by the U.S.A.Environmental Protection Authority as cool pavements. This is therefore contributing to Climate Sensitive Urban Design. (CSUD)

Financial Benefits

There are many financial benefits of using permeable paving. On most sites drainage infrastructure to remove surface water from the paving is no longer required. It also contributes to council permeability quotas which can significantly increase the building envelope of the development.

Health Benefits

There is documented evidence that shows the use of permeable paving, in particular Premier Hydropavers®, reduces the occurrence of heat related illnesses by mitigating the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. It also contributes to the reduction in animals being trapped in pits and drains during peak storms by significantly reducing run-off. Permeable paving also improves the quality of the water that enters our streams and rivers and subsequently contributing to the health of marine life.

Safety and Comfort

Public Safety in all outdoor areas is paramount. Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ provides a safe and comfortable slip resistant surface that permeates water totally eliminating any ponding on the paving surface.

Shape Size and Colour

Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Premier Hydropavers® are a straight edged 55 mm thick paver while Premier Hydroblock™ is a 60 mm interlocking paver.


Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ are permeable paving systems that delay, reduce and often eliminate water run-off. Run-off during peak rain events is an ongoing problem in our ever expanding urban sprawl.

Run-off during peak storms is a major problem in urban areas. Run-off can be responsible for short-term and long-term flooding causing injury or death to humans and animals and damage to buildings and infrastructure. When land is converted from rural areas to urban areas infiltration rates change from 95% rural to 5% urban areas. The use of Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ reduces, delays and in most situations eliminates run-off.

Water Quality

Water quality in our ever expanding urban areas is a major concern to the health of people, animals and plants. Permeable paving plays a major role in improving the quality of urban water. It is known that if we can capture the first 20% of rainfall we can eliminate 80% of all contaminants present on the paved areas. Using Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ this is very easily achievable. Contaminants such as heavy metals, organophosphates, organochlorines, hydrocarbons and nitrates are removed by attaching themselves to the construction material, a process known as adsorption, subsequently breaking them down by natural processes. This means water that is eventually used by plants or flows through to drains and streams and finds its way into the ocean is healthy and non-contaminated water.

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