According to the EPA (The NSW Environmental Protection Authority), water pollution is mainly caused by both point sources (sewage discharge mainly) and diffuse sources (stormwater runoff).

Hydropavers International™ permeable paving products can substantially improve both water quantity and water quality by treating, detaining and infiltrate stormwater runoff locally.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and sustainable solution to your permeable paving project in Sydney, come to Premier Hydropavers. We are proud to offer eco-friendly porous paving products that are ideal for commercial and residential developments.

The greener solution to residential and commercial paving projects

Storm water runoff from heavy rains can send pollutants and solids into our drains. However, there is an eco-friendly solution: our permeable paving products effectively trap and suspend impurities, ultimately minimising the impact of hardscaping on nature.

Mimicking the way natural land absorbs water, permeable paving not only looks great but doubles up as a water management system. In fact, porous pavers have health benefits for humans, animals and plant species that are located near the paved area. Just as important and worth noting is that our material provides a safe and comfortable slip-resistant surface, essential for public safety.

While there is a lot of installation system work – which can result in a more expensive solution than traditional paving systems – the benefits far outweigh the costs associated. Do your bit for the environment and talk to the experts at Premier Hydropavers today about how we can maximise your commercial permeable paving and residential permeable paving projects in Sydney with our products.

Why choose Premier Hydropavers?

As Sydney’s leading permeable pavers, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality permeable paving products for your project. We are the proud distributors of Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™. Our systems have been successfully used for a wide range of applications, from driveway paving to concrete paving and everything in between across New South Wales and other states.

We’re committed to leading the way in providing sustainable landscaping materials, having partnered with products that also believe in delivering eco-friendly solutions.

When you are looking for effective permeable paving in Melbourne or Sydney, Premier Hydropavers is the one to trust. Contact us today on (02) 8287 1255 for more information.

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