What is permeable paving ?

Permeable paving is a way of paving that allow storm-water to infiltrate and return to groundwater. Ideally, permeable paving systems help to manage water run-off, isolate solid substances and trap the pollutants in the underlying layers which can improve water quality. Plants and trees are also beneficial from permeable paving as stormwater can reach to the roots which reduce demand of water for vegetation.

Why choose Premier Hydropavers®

Unlike ordinary permeable segmental pavers, Premier Hydropavers® does not rely on gaps between pavers for permeability. The full body of premier Hydorpavers® is permeable which mean the permeable rate is much higher compared to ordinary permeable segmental pavers. Furthermore, Premier Hydropavers® are extremely strong that can withstand heavy traffic condition. Last but not least, Premier Hydropavers® are easy to clean and maintain.

Premier Hydropavers®

Premier Hydropavers® are permeable pavers which are manufactured entirely from recycled ceramic waste and require zero raw material extraction.

Premier Hydropavers® can address Australian problems from urbanisation such as water surface run-off, water contamination and heat-island effect.

Premier Hydropavers® also have many other residential benefits:

  • designed to reduce sun glare and night reflection
  • can be easily power washed, meaning require less maintenance
  • there is no need to alleviate clogs on a regular basis to maintain the permeability. The patented structure allows Hydropavers® to preserve its permeability with minimal attention
  • are capable of absorbing vehicles’ and city noises
  • tests indicate that permeable pavers can reach approximately 30°C on a 32°C day, whereas timber decking can reach 59°C in urban areas where heat is entrapped.

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