Tech Talk

Tech Talk

Premier Pavers are leaders in permeable paving solutions. Our team of experts is available to consult with specifiers and installers on all aspects of permeable paving projects. Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ have been tested in all paver requirements to ensure that they have the structural integrity and the breaking load capacity to comply with all Australian standards and cope with the most severe traffic loads.

Strength and Durability

Premier ceramic Hydropavers® and concrete interlocking Hydropavers Interlockers™ have a breaking load strength, irrespective of size ranging from 10 kN to 20 kN and a compressive strength of 50 Mpa making them suitable for all types of traffic from heavy commercial vehicles to pedestrian areas. (See data sheets in resources.)


Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ are suitable for a wide range of applications. From residential to commercial and pedestrian to vehicular. Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ have been tested in all necessary categories of paver characteristics to ensure that they are applicable and appropriate for all permeable segmental paved areas. (See data sheet for testing details.)


The installation process and the use of the correct materials when installing Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ is essential to achieving the final goal. Below is a detailed diagram of how to install Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™. (See the Premier Permeable Paving Solutions technical manual for more information)


Premier Hydropavers® and Hydropavers Interlockers™ permeable paving systems are easy to maintain and require the same maintenance schedule as any other form of flexible segmental pavements. Due to the unique characteristics of water infiltrating through the body of the paver there is no need to constantly clean or replace course jointing material. The sand filled joints may require initial topping up until they consolidate via natural weathering processes. Once this is achieved the paving can be swept and maintained in the same way as any other flexible segmental pavement.


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