Meteor Interlockers® are made from tough concrete making them highly resistant to damage, whilst allowing water to drain through the paver into the ground, providing an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to hard surface paving. Available in 2 colours, 100% permeable and colourfast with a lifetime warranty. At a thickness of just 60 mm, Meteor Interlockers® have been tested against the AS/NZS 4456 standard for segmental pavers, achieving a breaking load of 11.8 kN (over 1 tonne per paver) and the interlocking design ensures that Meteor Interlockers® will not crack, move or shift under vehicular torque, making them the ideal solution for all areas carrying industrial or residential traffic.

Meteor Interlockers® are suitable for heavy industrial hardstand paving. They have been tested by a NATA accredited laboratory and have been proven on large industrial paving projects, including:

  • Streetscapes and footpaths
  • Paved roads and car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Residential and commercial driveways, industrial hardstands, government and council applications

The benefits of Meteor Interlockers®

  • Super high permeability

Unlike other conventional so-called “permeable pavers” on the market – which allow rainwater to infiltrate through small channels or joints on the ends and sides of the pavers – Meteor Interlockers® are 100% permeable across their entire surface and body. They are capable of permeating rainfall at the rate of 1500 mm/hour, saving up to 95% of rainwater. It helps reduce the cost of on-site drainage and stormwater management systems.

  • Financial benefits

The use of Meteor Interlockers® reduces the need for stormwater drains, retention ponds or storm sewers, leading to a reduction in development costs. The ease of obtaining planning approval helps to reduce interest and holding costs. Competitive product pricing, lower transport cost due to smaller depth of each brick and lighter weight coupled with labour saving costs due to the ability to machine laying of paving systems add to overall savings on any project.

  • Easier planning approval

Meteor Interlockers® comply with all AS/NZS 4456 standards, making it easier to satisfy and meet local permeability quotas. All levels of government across Australia and around the World are increasing their requirements for on-site water saving solutions to be applied to all paved areas.

  • Urban heat island effect

Scientific research shows that permeable pavement is significantly lowering temperatures in urban developments compared to impervious surfaces such as asphalt. Meteor Interlockers® have a water retention capability that helps regulate surface temperatures and humidity, mitigating the urban heat island effect.

  • Easy maintenance

Meteor Interlockers® require the same maintenance regime as any other impervious paved area and can easily be swept or cleaned by a high-pressure wash. Unlike other conventional “permeable pavers”, water permeates the surface of Meteor Interlockers® so they do not get clogged with debris. They maintain their permeability for a lifetime with minimal attention. The installation process is easier and more efficient for landscapers and builders compared to laying normal 80 mm pavers, as they require less effort and labour to install.

  • Safety and comfort

Rather than leaving puddles on top of the pavement, rainwater seeps into Meteor Interlockers®, making the surface safer for vehicular traffic and more comfortable and hazard-free for pedestrians.

  • Transferrable Lifetime Warranty

The structural integrity of Meteor Interlockers® is backed by a transferrable Lifetime Warranty*. The warranty covers any structural deterioration or damage to the pavers resulting from regular use. The warranty attaches to the product rather than remaining with the original purchaser, thereby ensuring permanent risk-free cover for the life of the installation.

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