How you can Save Water and Help Create a Sustainable Future | Premier Hydropavers

Water is a vital resource for the ongoing survival of our beautiful blue planet but it’s one thing that many of us take for granted.  […]

Permeable Pavers – The Environmental Choice

Permeable paving is making its’ presence felt in the landscaping world and for good environmental reasons. That’s because they’re porous so they allow water to […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Dangerous Storms to Hit Melbourne

Severe storms have been terrorizing Victoria and they’ve only just reached Melbourne. On Monday the 17th of July, Victoria was hit with some harsh weather. […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Tackling Water Shortage In Australia

An ongoing and seamless technology to curb water shortage City Of Melbourne has officially released a statement saying that they are in the process of […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Potential Solution To Flooding In Australia

Victoria has always experienced severe thunderstorms and flooding however in recent times it has been getting worse. The 2010 Victorian floods where some of the […]

Permeable Hydropavers | How Severe Australia ‘ Flooding Problems

Australia’s 3 largest cities, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane all experience substantial flooding in the wet seasons. While many believe flooding is inevitable, it is possible […]

Permeable Hydropavers | What is Urban Heat Island Effect and The Impacts

A colleague of mine was visiting China in March for business, he visited Beijing, Shanghai and some rural areas of China. My colleague couldn’t help […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Plastic Bags, Permeability and a Sustainable Future

Plastic bags are undeniably harmful to our environment. Damages to wildlife ecosystems and the clogging of drainage systems have prompted remediate action and as of […]

Permeable Hydropavers | The Pavers For Commercial Spaces

Give your customers the best From our previous articles we’ve observed how our revolutionary permeable paving product- Hydropaver, is beneficial for councils and homeowners. With […]

Permeable Hydropavers | The Sustainable Materials Of Landscaping

Porous permeable paving with extensive applications Permeable paving by Premier Hydropavers® is a revolution in landscaping, for which property owners, interior designers and construction experts […]

Permeable Hydropavers | An Investment towards Water Security in Melbourne

The above photo might seem alarming to someone who has recently arrived in Melbourne. However, over the past 100 years, Melbourne has seen heavy rains […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Why We Should Be Serious About Run-Off Issues

Water is the most essential and valuable resource in the world. Over the  past we have seen up to 21 out of 36 of our bay-side beaches and various spots on […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Landscape & Urban Design Product Of The Year 2017

Sustainability Awards 2017 The Sustainability Awards is back, and better than ever. We are very proud to announce that Premier Hydropavers® pavers have been nominated for the 2017 – […]

Permeable Hydropavers | 2017 Sustainability Awards: Q&A with Premier Pavers’ Nic Van Diemen

Architecture & Design is proud to announce Premier Pavers as the official ‘Landscape and Urban Design’ category sponsor for the 2017 Sustainability Awards. In the lead-up to this […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Employing WSUD and Tackling The Urban Heat Island

As our cities expand, existing issues of water runoff, contaminants and the urban heat island effect (UHI) have the potential to worsen if they are […]

Permeable Hydropavers | The Most Precious Resource Down The Drain!

We cannot live without water. Yet the design of our city streets, walkways, backyards and driveways see most of this precious resource literally go down […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Reduce Pollution With Permeable Pavers

Every time it rains, water flows through our streets and along our footpaths, gathering rubbish on the way, and then dumps all of that down […]

Permeable Hydropavers | The Top 8 Uses Of Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are fast becoming the surface of choice for many different environments. We’ve put together the following list to demonstrate the incredible benefits of […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Future And Sustainable Materials

Implementation of water-sensitive strategies is crucial to regaining balance in the Australian environment. Sometimes the simplest solutions can help us turn back some of the […]

Permeable Hydropavers | When Minimal Efforts Can Have Remarkable Impacts

Population growth, pollution and increased pressure from climate change have a devastating impact on Australia’s precious water resources. With greater awareness of this problem, Australians […]

Permeable Hydropavers | The Green Building Product of the Year award!

We are very proud to announce that Premier Hydropavers® permeable pavers have been nominated for the Green Building Product of the year award. These awards […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Water takes a vital role in a sustainable environment

As the driest inhabited continent in the world, Australia has always faced significant challenges with the availability, usage and conservation of water. Whenever water is […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Why Permeable Pavers Should Always Be Your First Choice

Relative to the more common types of paving material—concrete, asphalt, and gravel—water permeable pavers are quite a modern solution. The basic idea of water permeable […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Where Can You Use Permeable Pavers Around Your Home ?

Modern homes require a modern approach. For the modern homeowner it is now more important than ever to utilise construction materials that are cost-effective, environmentally […]

Permeable Pavers | How to Minimise Your Impact on Urban Flooding

It is hard to believe, but urban flooding is one of the greatest and most common environmental threats currently being faced by towns and cities […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Here is Why A Small Town In The US Tears Out Their Main Streets

Madison, in the USA, is tearing out the asphalt and concrete and going green, going back to nature! Madison is replacing sidewalk areas that create […]

Permeable Hydropavers | How to Choose the Best Pavers Supplier

With so many landscape supply and paver supply companies out there, you need to be careful when selecting the right company to entrust with your […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Eco Pavers That Responds to Climate Warning From Bureau of Meteorology Chief Executive

According to Dr Rob Vertessy, the outgoing Bureau of Meteorogly Chief Executive, Australia is looking down the barrel of “perilous” water security in the future, mainly […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Lincoln Flynn Wins MIFG Show Awards with Hydropavers

In this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Lincoln Flynn, of Lincoln Flynn Landscape Garden and Graphic Design put our Premier Hydropavers™ permeable pavers […]

Permeable Hydropavers | The permeability rate of Hydropavers

In this short video we demonstrate the permeability rate of our Premier Hydropavers® permeable pavers. Visit our showroom or contact us to pick up a […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Permeable pavers Are Becoming More Popular

Did you know that permeable pavers are being used in Cedar Rapids? Why are permeable pavers being used? Permeable pavers are being installed to reduce […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Everything you need to know about permeable Hydropavers !

Do you have questions about Premier Hydropavers® permeable pavers? Watch this video and you may find the answers you are looking for! If you don’t find […]

Permeable Hydropavers | How do you lay Permeable Pavers ?

Whenever I’m talking with people about permeable pavers, one of the first questions I am asked is ‘How do I lay permeable pavers?’ Generally, they […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Introducing Hydropavers Permeable Pavers

As promised in our previous blog post, here is a video of Nic van Diemen talking about permeable pavers and Premier Hydropavers™. This talk took […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Introducing Nicolaas Van Diemen – Permeable Paving Expert

Introducing Nic van Diemen! We would like to introduce you to Nic van Diemen. He is an ISSI fellow in permeable paving. In this video he talks […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Where has Permeable Paving been used?

Permeable paving used around the globe Permeable paving has been used around the world! Hydropavers are a new technology with a high pressure rate and a high […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Paving Expert Nicolaas van Diemen

Nicolaas van Diemen is a qualified Landscape and Segmental Paving expert with 38 years experience in construction, design, and training. This extensive background equips him […]

Permeable Hydropavers | Eco Paving System That Don’t Need Sealing!

Permeable Pavers do not require sealing! As much as we love a good quality natural stone sealant, these particular pavers don’t require any paving solutions […]

Permeable Hydropavers | How do you clean Permeable Pavers?

Hydropavers Stain Solutions for your pavers Hydropavers are great Permeable Pavers to use for any paving needs. You don’t have to worry about them getting […]