Lifetime Sustainability

Premier Hydropavers® are permeable pavers manufactured entirely from recycled ceramic material and require zero raw material extraction.

Urban Heat Island

Evaporation of water from pavers can help regulate surface temperatures and humidity, mitigating the Urban Heat Island effect.


Premier Hydropavers® have compressive strength > 50 MPa while breaking load strength for 300x300x55 pavers is 20kN and 10kN for 200x100x55 pavers

Easier planning approval

            As the demand for permeable paved areas increases, Premier Hydropavers® make it easier to satisfy and meet local permeability quotas. In accord with the values adopted in Article 3 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, councils are stipulating that water saving solutions must be applied in all paved areas.

Super high permeability

Premier Hydropavers® are 100% permeable across their surface and function as a sponge .The initial 5 mm of rain is absorbed within the paver and returned to the atmosphere via evapotranspiration. Additional rainfall permeates through the Premier Hydropavers® at a rate of up to 25 mm/minute.

Safety and Comfort

Rainwater seeps into Premier Hydropavers® rather than ponding, greatly reducing the risk of slipping. Premier Hydropavers® have a nonslip surface that has a British Pendulum Number of a minimum of 65 – particularly relevant around pool areas. Premier Hydropavers® will also reduces sun glare and night reflection.

Range & Warranty

Premier Hydropavers® are available in a variety of attractive colours and sizes, including tactile pavers to regulation standard. Being a ceramic product that has been fired at 1200°C, Premier Hydropavers® will maintain their colour indefinitely and carry a lifetime warranty.

Easy maintenance

Premier Hydropavers® require the same maintenance regime as any other paved area. They can easily be swept or cleaned by domestic pressure wash and there is no joint clogging. The patented structure allows the pavers to keep their permeability with minimal attention.


The entire surface of Premier Hydropavers® acts as a drain, thereby preserving water and preventing erosion. Water can quickly and naturally flow through the pavers, returning to the soil to improve plant growth and recharge the sub-grade or soil.

Cost efficient

The use of Premier Hydropavers® minimises the need for stormwater drains and cuts costs accordingly. In addition, ease of obtaining planning approval helps to reduce interest and holding costs, while savings are made in the longer term due to low maintenance requirements.

Noise reduction

The patented permeable structure of Premier Hydropavers® can absorb vehicle noise and city hubbub, contributing to a peaceful environment.

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