Permeable Concrete Pavers

Permeable Concrete Pavers – Make Your Property Waterproof

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to reduce runoff and contaminants from your patios, walkways, parking, driveways, alleys and other low traffic areas?

Premier Pavers have innovative permeable concrete pavers – Hydropavers®- made from recycled ceramic. We are an exclusive supplier of certified Hydropavers® in Australia, ensuring that you get the best in permeable concrete pavements. Our solutions are in strict compliance with national, state and municipal stormwater regulations in Australia.

The permeable concrete pavers have a solid surface, allowing natural drainage of water to the ecosystem/Earth. The permeable concrete pavers primarily consists of the following in their architecture:

  • Solid Concrete Pavers
  • Sand
  • Open-graded Bedding
  • Base
  • Subbase
  • Aggregates

Common Applications of Permeable Concrete Pavers:

  • Residential Driveways and Parking Lots
  • Overflowing Parking Areas
  • Boat Parking Areas or Areas with High Runoff
  • Emergency Access Lanes, Especially Fire Lanes
  • Pedestrian Paths or Alleys
  • Drivable Green Surfaces

Environmental Benefits of Permeable Concrete Pavers:

  • Improved Landscaping
  • Elimination of Stagnant Water or Mosquito Breeding Areas
  • High Durability than Traditionally Paved Surfaces
  • Recharging Local Groundwater Supplies
  • Reduced Water Demand, If Used on Grassed Areas
  • Maintaining the Flow in Rivers and Keep the Ecosystem Self-Sustaining
  • Reduction in Water Usage for Landscaping and Planning
  • Stormwater and Erosion Control

With permeable pavers from Premier Hydropavers®, the clients have the best combination of great aesthetic appeal and functional use. All our pavement solutions are designed for a wide range of outdoor spaces, with a major added advantage of water management. With few added designs in installation methods, the permeable pavers can be contoured to direct the water wherever required. The versatility with pavers allows stormwater re-use, especially for irrigation and domestic purposes.

If you want a unique and highly functional permeable pavement or permeable concrete driveway designs in Melbourne, our solutions are perfect for your property. With us, you will never have to worry about the puddles on your driveway or pathway. For more information, Call us now!

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