Permeable Brick Pavers

Permeable Ceramic Pavers – Get Rain Water to Flow Through with Ease

With a large number of homeowners eager to take advantage of permeable pavers on their patio, entrances, driveways and other high traffic areas – permeable pavers are proving themselves as high return investments. These installations allows the rain water to penetrate the ground and stay in the soil or to the sewage depending on the sub-grade you have set-up. The water away from the sewer systems and back into the natural environment. They look similar to traditional pavers and provide a decent aesthetic appeal. At Premier Hydropavers, we specialise in permeable brick pavers in Melbourne. Our pavers have been nominated for the Green Building Product of the year award for sustainability – with our paving solutions being the best in the industry.

The permeable brick pavers are primarily composed of recycled ceramic heated at 1200 degree, which bonds the particles together. The paver blocks and the gaps allow the rainwater to drain faster, making the water flow back to the Earth with ease in lesser time. Additionally, the joints are filled with a suitable crushed aggregate. This construction is strong enough to take heavy loads, along with added benefits of water permeability.


  • Interlocking brick pavers are ecologically a better choice, as they prevent stormwater runoff – preventing flooding in the rivers and streams
  • These pavers are permeable, allowing the water to infiltrate in the ground
  • The pavers effectively trap the contaminants in the sub-base.
  • They help in protecting the quality of the underground water and water supplies
  • They recharge the groundwater


  • Affordable construction and installation
  • These pavers are self-drainage systems, meaning a lot of money is saved on water drainage and retention systems
  • With the permeable installation, a lot of money is saved on guaranteed ‘no material failure’, unless it is highly affected by the adverse environmental factors
  • These pavers are virtually maintenance-free

The permeable brick pavers in Melbourne are a great solution to environmental issues related to stormwater runoff or presence of pollutants in the natural waterways. The pavers from Premier Hydropavers allows the rainwater to go back to the soil with ease and at competitive rates.

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