Did you know that permeable pavers are being used in Cedar Rapids?

Why are permeable pavers being used?
Permeable pavers are being installed to reduce nutrient pollution, and to minimise runoff caused by heavy rains.
The Cedar Rapids City Council are so committed to improving their waterways by using permeable pavers that they have even offered grants.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Australian councils would do the same!

How do permeable pavers work?
Permeable pavers capture rain water and allow it to soak naturally into the ground.
By capturing rainwater, problems like pollution and flooding are reduced.
By reducing pollution, pressure on our natural waterways is alleviated.
By reducing flooding, pressure on stormwater systems is alleviated.

What types of pollutants can permeable pavers help reduce?
Pollutants that may be reduced include

  • nitrogen,
  • phosphorus,
  • salt,
  • sand, and
  • oil.

Another benefit of permeable pavers is that water is cooled as it filters through them – a definite plus for our environment.

Being an eco-warrior is easy! Simply use permeable pavers and you’ll be saving helping the environment one patio or driveway or footpath at a time.

To use permeable pavers in your next paving project, contact Premier Pavers to find out more about our revolutionary new Premier Hydropavers™.

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