Sliders-Garden-Paving | HydropaversAccording to Dr Rob Vertessy, the outgoing Bureau of Meteorogly Chief Executive, Australia is looking down the barrel of “perilous” water security in the future, mainly as a result of climate change. Despite this dire state of affairs, the Government is considering cutting the budgets to a number of water programs and the CSIRO has recently halved its investment in climate projects.

“Water shortage is a problem and climate change is going to be intensifying the drought and flood cycle,” Dr Vertessy said, who went on to note that demand for water is rapidly increasing.

Australia faces a really perilous water security challenge in the future. “Reservoirs in the Murray-Darling basin are now close to their lowest levels since the Millennium Drought and Tasmania is also facing serious issues”, Dr Vertessy told the Media on Friday 29th April 2016, his final day as the Bureau’s chief.

“Unless we start slowing down our [greenhouse gas] emissions and really mitigating them completely in the next few decades, there’s going to be a lot of environmental shocks to the planet,” Dr Vertessy said. Human societies and ecosystems “are being pushed to the edge of sustainability”.

What does this mean for the average person, landscape designers, and architects?

Water is precious. So, it comes as no surprise that governments and regulators are likely to get tougher on landscape designers and landscape architects, and expect them to stop wasting this precious resource.

Environmentally friendly design with water saving technology will become the norm.

Water is becoming scarce and we cannot afford wasteful run-off into storm water drains, every surface needs to allow water to be trapped and saved where possible.

Premier Pavers exclusive and revolutionary new Premier Hydropavers™ allow you to save water wherever possible, with stunning results.

At Premier Pavers, we have risen to the challenge!

Our designer colours and permeable paver surfaces mean that existing design, landscaping, and building restrictions go out the window. New opportunities to design attractive and functional paved areas that save and store water are now easily within your reach.

Shopping centres, driveways, parking lots, walkways, and alfresco areas, all become non-slip, puddle free permeable surfaces. This means you can incorporate more of these permeable surfaces into your designs, while still looking after our environment and satisfies regulations.

Now is the time to make your mark in environmental design, commercial or domestic, using Premier Hydropavers™ exclusively from Premier Pavers, one of Australia’s leading paver companies.

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