Premier Hydropavers®

Premier Hydropavers® – Ceramic Permeable Pavers

Premier Hydropavers® – Exclusive in Australia to Premier Pavers & Stone

Why use Premier Hydropavers®

We are all aware that the costliest and most precious resource in these modern times is water. Premier Hydropavers® is the next level solution to conserving and improving the quantity and quality of runoff rainwater in rapidly growing urban building projects. “Sustainable by drainage systems” make use of permeable paving solutions, which is the way of the future, both from a construction and a water sustainability perspective.

In urban areas, water sources are contaminated in three critical ways:

•                 Stormwater running off into rivers, streams, and lakes

•                 Air pollution contaminating rainwater; and

•                 Groundwater contamination.

The urban heat island effect places additional stress on water quantity and quality. As temperatures increase, so too does the human demand for water for hydration and energy for appliances such as air conditioners.

Premier Hydropavers® creates a reliable supply of clean water that is readily available and of the utmost importance to the commercial, economic and environmental health of any city. Surface run-off is water, from rain, snowmelt, or other sources, that flows over the land surface until it is absorbed into the ground. This is wasteful and can be prevented by Premier Hydropavers.

Premier Hydropavers® are strong, versatile and attractive ceramic permeable pavers which contribute no damage to the environment, making them sustainable for life. The surface of Premier Hydropavers® is 100% permeable, allowing water to pass through the pavers and move downward into the soil, hence offering a true solution to flooding in Australia.

Premier Hydropavers® vs. Concrete

Here is how Premier Hydropavers® eliminate pondings.

The Eco-friendly Premier Hydropavers® function as a sponge allowing water to penetrate and hold water to redistribute if the rainfall is less than 5mm, the complete paving will become drainage, preserving water and preventing erosion when rain arrives more quickly than it can be absorbed, also preventing the formation of puddles which increase the risk of slipping. They are designed to reduce sun glare and night reflection. In fact, they are also equipped with a “non-slip” surface that has a British Pendulum Number (BPN) of a minimum of 65.

While permeable pavers can help create cleaner urban spaces, they do not in themselves reduce water contamination. Rather, this occurs in the base construction material – such as crushed rock – beneath the pavers, which absorbs excess rainwater. Contaminants within the rainwater attach themselves to the construction material and are broken down over a period in a process known as adsorption. This results in fewer pollutants reaching rivers, streams and lakes, preserving overall water quality in an area.

Premier Hydropavers® can be easily power washed hence require less frequent maintenance than their alternatives. There is no need to alleviate clogs on a regular basis to maintain the permeability. The patented structure allows Premier Hydropavers® to keep its permeability with minimal attention and is capable of absorbing noise. The paver mitigates urban heat island effect as moisture stored in the pavers evaporates in the atmosphere. This process is called evapotranspiration which accounts for the movement of water from the land into the atmosphere and is widely known to produce a cooling effect in urban areas.

Finally, Premier Hydropavers® are available in a range of life-long desirable colours and shapes which will achieve architects’ and landscapers’ and their clients’ unique vision of their construction projects. Building a home that is eco-friendly is the future, so our aesthetically pleasing patterns and designs will meet both environmental as well as aesthetic design needs when building your new home or office areas.

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