Population growth, pollution and increased pressure from climate change have a devastating impact on Australia’s precious water resources.

With greater awareness of this problem, Australians have begun to see the connection between the urban and rural environments. We’ve learned how more efficient usage of water in our cities reduces the strain on our agricultural land. Often this can be achieved by making simple changes like using water-saving products inside and outside our homes.

Municipalities where new residential and business sub-division is occurring are under pressure to incorporate strategies with water supply in mind. Water-sensitive Urban Design takes a planning and engineering design approach towards the urban water cycle. Storm water, groundwater and wastewater management must be taken into consideration to minimize environmental degradation as well as improve the aesthetic and recreational appeal of the area.

Achieving results

In the past, urban development has meant that much of the ground is covered with hard materials such as concrete and bitumen. The benefits of using these materials is overshadowed by the way in which they impact our environment. As rainfall occurs, it runs off the hard surfaces into the storm water system taking sediment, chemical pollutants, as well as leaf and street litter with it. In order to remove these from the water cycle, a series of storm water treatments is required, which needs extensive infrastructure and great expense.

However, a more proactive and successful process of responsible management of the water cycle can be achieved by changing direction and mimicking the natural storm water runoff patterns of the environment. By maximising pervious ground covers, such as grass and gardens, and minimising impervious ground covers, such as roof and other hard surfaces, water can be retained where it’s needed and run-off into the storm water system is reduced. Pervious ground covers also act as a filter, further reducing the level of pollutants entering the waterways. Incorporating pervious material also adds to the aesthetic and recreational appeal of the area.

Sometimes the simplest solutions such as utilising pervious and permeable surfaces can help us turn back some of the damage to our environment and provide a solution to our water needs.

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