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Sustainability Awards 2017

The Sustainability Awards is back, and better than ever.

We are very proud to announce that Premier Hydropavers® pavers have been nominated for the 2017 – Landscape & Urban Design Product of the year award.

Sustainability-Awards-2017-Social-post | HydropaversThese awards are part of the Sustainability Awards 2017 that are presented annually by Architecture and Design. Sustainability-Awards-2017 | HydropaversIt is a great honour to be nominated..!!

Our permeable Premier Hydropavers® help maximise and manage our precious water resources. Premier Hydropavers® are an innovative, extremely strong, durable and attractive ceramic permeable paver which helps to reduce stormwater run-off .

Permeable Ceramic Premier Hydropavers®

Premier Hydropavers®  have the ability to infiltrate 25 mm of rain per minute under normal circumstances through the pavers itself to the water table deep underground, reduce the pollutants in our waterways, and contribute to reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect in our built environment. Acting both to conserve rainwater and simultaneously reduce flooding.

They also absorb vehicle noise, contributing to a peaceful environment, and offer a comfortable and safe surface to walk on. They come in a range of sizes and colours and are colour fast, and additionally have extremely good slip and abrasion resistance.

Hydropavers-elimiate-water-run-off-issues | HydropaversMake sure that you’re using a paver that helps you and the environment:

  • Save valuable time not sealing pavers
  • Use a sustainability friendly product in your projects
  • Water and environment conscious product that gives back
  • Save money specifying by not installing drainage systems

Premier Hydropavers® offer an effective solution to your water-cycle management. Contact us to arrange a demonstration of their water-sensitive solutions. We’ll show you how our environmentally friendly permeable pavers can transform your next project..!!

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