Blocked-Drain | HydropaversEvery time it rains, water flows through our streets and along our footpaths, gathering rubbish on the way, and then dumps all of that down our drains and into our waterways.

Anything on the street or footpath can end up down the drain – metal filings, oil, grease, cigarette butts, leaves, and other rubbish are all swept up and then pollute our rivers and bay.

The solution to this environmental disaster is simple!

Permeable pavers are the answer!

The microholes in Premier Hydropavers® are too small for large items like metal filings, cigarette butts, leaves or rubbish to get through. They stay on top of the paving and can easily be swept up when the rain event finishes. Any oil or grease will be filtered out of the water as it passes through the pavers. Pollutants like oil and grease adhere to the sand and crushed rock in the subbase under the pavers, and do not pass through to the water table below.

Be like the Riverside Hotel in Boise, who have just installed permeable pavers in their parking lot, and make your driveways and car parks permeable! You’ll have a puddle free space you will love, and you’ll be protecting our waterways which will benefit everyone!

Contact the team at Premier Pavers and Stone to find out more about permeable paving, and how this technology can help you reduce puddles and pollution with your next project!



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