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From our previous articles we’ve observed how our revolutionary permeable paving product- Hydropaver, is beneficial for councils and homeowners. With our article highlighting the Atlanta, US case and our tips about landscaping with Premier Hydropavers, we hope that a somewhat clear understanding is developed regarding the immense potential of this product.

In this article we would like to speak directly to owners of commercial establishments and builders that take up commercial projects. If you’re planning on building a new project,Premier Hydropavers can do even more wonders for your customers and employees.

We would like to start off by highlighting some general applications in commercial spaces that are classics in terms of building design, functionality and decor:

Front Yard application:

In cases of stand alone commercial properties, it is a delight to your customers if there is a courtyard where they can relax before or after their interaction with your business. This space allows customers to be calm and collected rather than having to rush in and out of the establishment without having a place to pause.

In the front yard,Premier Hydropavers can play a significant role in providing a clutter free and hygienic space that is very easy to maintain. The porous surface doesn’t allow water to stagnate in the event of those surprise Melbourne rainfalls. Furthermore, they provide an anti-slip surface and also cool the surrounding area.

Parking Lot application:

Parking lots are often the busiest areas after the reception of the establishment. Parking lots go through a lot of wear and tear on account of the sheer number of heavy vehicles that pass through it on a daily basis. Furthermore, cleaning and maintaining parking lots may seem like a futile gesture that cannot be avoided at any costs. This is where Premier Hydropavers work their charm. By being porous, they do not allow any water to be stagnated and can be easily cleaned with a pressure cleaner.

Premier Hydropavers also absorb noise, making your parking lot one peaceful place to be!

Entrance application

In the event that you are not very keen on paving the entire front section of your establishment, it can pay off to just cover the area immediately outside the entrance. As this can absorb the dirt and excess liquid that can be brought in by pedestrians. A one stop solution to reducing your cleaning requirements.

We sincerely hope that these ideas can shed some much-needed light on daily maintenance issues in commercial establishments. Our Hydropavers team would be more than happy to answer some questions specific to your commercial establishment.

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