Permeable pavers are fast becoming the surface of choice for many different environments. We’ve put together the following list to demonstrate the incredible benefits of permeable pavers across a wide range of applications.

Public Spaces

Permeable pavers are a perfect fit for public spaces. Whether car parks or pathways, Premier Hydropavers® score brilliantly across the dimensions of public safety, functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility. The fantastic permeability of these pavers allows water to flow, absorb and disperse evenly. That means less dangerous run-off and far less maintenance.

Pool Areas

The outdoor pool is a beloved Australian classic. But on a hot day, stepping around the pool on scorching hot tiles is a problem that you just don’t want to deal with. Fortunately, there’s a solution at hand in the form of Premier Hydropavers®. With the unique property of absorbing water and allowing it to evaporate back into the atmosphere naturally, our Premier Hydropavers® will help keep your pool area cool enough to enjoy all day long. They’re also anti-slip—excellent for safety.

Alfresco and Patio Areas

The benefits of building your outdoor alfresco and patio flooring using Premier Hydropavers® are immense. Drainage will be a breeze, for one. But the remarkable thing is the range of colours and designs you can choose between whilst hitting the mark on the functionality side of things. With anti-slip flooring that looks great and drains like a dream, the uptime of your alfresco or patio area will be solely determined by how much you can tolerate wet weather, not by how much your floor can.

Environmentally-Friendly Building Projects

Building with sustainability in mind should be the goal of everyone conducting construction work. Premier Hydropavers® have unique environmental properties that support this ethos. Permeable ceramic pavers serve to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect by capturing a percentage of rain water in their material, allowing for gradual evaporation back into the atmosphere, cooling the surrounding area and maintaining a low surface temperature.

These pavers also serve to increase groundwater supply, and prevent waste from clogging our waterways by vastly reducing runoff. Permeable paving systems also filter water as it passes through them, which allows an ease of water recycling for a variety of purposes.

Grove-Project-Permeable-Pavers | HydropaversDriveways

Whether you like your driveways looking sleek, professional, colourful or with that touch of ‘ahhh, I’m home’, permeable pavers mean that your design needs can always be accommodated. That means you’re free to choose a driveway surface that makes the grade across a number of functional dimensions.

Permeable pavers maintain an ideal driving surface by providing fantastic water drainage. Excellent drainage combined with an anti-slip surface means that you don’t have to worry about entering or exiting your car in slippery conditions, whilst your driveway will remain pristine for viewing, absent puddles.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres really can’t do with slippery conditions. Just as with driveways, shopping centres oftentimes need to meet specific design conditions whilst raising safety to the highest level. Anti-slip Premier Hydropavers® can help reduce the likelihood of accidents usually caused by puddles and increase the efficiency of a shopping centre, as water related downtime will be eliminated.


Entrances can be bold and imposing, grand or reserved. They’ve got to look a certain way, but they must always fulfil their function. Permeable pavers feature the perfect materials to constitute the entrance to a home, building, or property. From the anti-slip texture to the ease of maintenance, the design possibilities and incredible drainage capabilities will ensure your entrance looks great and never shirks its responsibilities.

Commercial and Industrial Storage Facilities

Permeable pavers are making waves in the commercial and industrial storage industry. Well, not literally, of course—the drainage is too good! Yes, we’ve been there before, but it’s worth saying again: the water dispersal and anti-slip properties of permeable pavers mean that surface water related safety hazards are a thing of the past.

And the fact that Premier Hydropavers® are able to stand up to the rigours of industrial usage, requiring little maintenance in the process, is more than just a cherry on top. The hard yakka that these pavers can withstand makes them perfect for commercial and industrial storage facilities.

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