As the driest inhabited continent in the world, Australia has always faced significant challenges with the availability, usage and conservation of water. Whenever water is taken out of the ecosystem for urban or agricultural purposes, we take water from the environment. Our variable climate adds to the challenges and we face devastating effects of extremes such as drought and flood.

As our cities have developed and spread along the coastal edges of our continent, we haven’t always considered the impact our urban buildings and infrastructure have on the ecosystem. We have failed to recognise the importance of using structures and surfaces that minimise water usage and reduce storm water run-off into our rivers and out to sea. The result is that precious water supplies are not available where they are needed and our waterways and seas are becoming more polluted.

We need water to live. Population growth, pollution and increased pressure from climate change impacts our water resources and our social, economic and environmental wellbeing.

Implementation of water-sensitive strategies is crucial to regaining balance in our Australian environment. Sometimes the simplest solutions such as utilising pervious and permeable surfaces can help us turn back some of the damage to our environment and provide a solution to our water needs.

Premier Hydropavers® offer an effective solution to your water-cycle management. Call us to arrange a demonstration of their water-sensitive solutions. We’ll show you how they help you meet your environmental and water conservation specifications.


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