Permeable paving used around the globe

Permeable paving has been used around the world! Hydropavers are a new technology with a high pressure rate and a high kiln temperature during creation, that ensures a quality paver product. The pavers also don’t rely on gaps between the pavers to create the permeable effect (which clogs over time) – the paver itself is the permeable promise! However, great strides have been taken around the world to a sustainable hardscaping approach.

Let’s have a look at some of these!

Permeable paving used in sustainable practices around the world:

Permeable paving in England

  • Hasely Secondary School, Milton Keynes, England
  • Oxford Service Center, Oxford, England
  • Madley Park, Witney, England

Permeable Paving in Japan

  • Teikyo Heisei University Nakano campus LD

Permeable paving in Jersey

  • Jersey Airport, Jersey Island
  • South Hill Primary School, Jersey Island

Permeable paving in Germany

  • Hanover World Expo Site, Hanover, Germany
  • Probst, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Mercades Benz Musem, Stuttgart, Germany
  • City Mall, Stuttgart, Germany

Permeable paving in Ireland

  • Aldi Supermarket, Ireland

Permeable paving in America

  • Los Angeles Zoo, America
  • Staten Island’s 121st Police Precinct, America

Permeable Paving in Melbourne Australia

We’re so proud to bring this product to Australia. Be among the first to use this wonderful, sustainable paving in your construction works. We’d love to see what patterns and designs our Hydropavers create!




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