Modern homes require a modern approach. For the modern homeowner it is now more important than ever to utilise construction materials that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and functional. Of course, satisfying these three requisites can be quite a task and that’s why it’s such a pleasant surprise when a material comes on the market that can do all these things, and do it easily.

What Are Permeable Pavers?

Permeable pavers use ceramic technology to create pavers that can absorb water, instead of just allowing the water to puddle on top. Traditional hardscaping methods pose a number of drainage, safety and environmental problems and permeable pavers address many of these issues.

What Are The Benefits of Permeable Pavers?

When it comes to selecting a hardscaping option for your home, there is a range of functional, visual, environmental and safety benefits that come with choosing permeable pavers:

  • Dispersal of groundwater: Permeable pavers disperse groundwater far more evenly than traditional paving methods. This means that rainwater can return to the soil and replenish groundwater levels that are so important in our dry climate.
  • Drainage: Anyone that has tried to create a patio will understand the difficulty in creating adequate drainage. The need to install a drainage point can wreak havoc with your design and even destroy the entire aesthetic of your patio. With permeable pavers, you don’t need to install unsightly drains that become clogged after the first bout of heavy rain. Premier Hydropavers™ permeable pavers allow water to flow through them and into the soil below, allowing the entire paved area to act as a drain.
  • Safety: Water that sits on the surface of a hardscaped area becomes a safety hazard. Permeable pavers are the perfect anti-slip option for your home. Not only are the tiles anti-slip they also work to remove the puddles that cause so many problems.
  • Recycle water: Water is our most precious resource. Permeable pavers offer you a water collection resource that filters many pollutants out of the water. The ceramic pavers filter rainwater as it passes through them, and you can then collect this grey water and use it to water your garden or wash your car.
  • Prevent run-off: Run-off has devastating effects on our environment. When rain hits the ground it comes in contact with chemicals and pollutants, which are then taken out to sea via stormwater drains. Permeable pavers absorb the water, and allow it to filter down into the ground below instead of directing it into stormwater drainage systems.
  • Durability: Permeable pavers have their colour baked on, which means your pavers will retain the same colour for decades.

How Can I Make Use of This Technology?

Permeable pavers can be used for a number of applications around your home:

  • Driveways: Permeable pavers are incredibly strong. A 200x100x55 paver has a breaking load of 10KN while a 300x300x55 paver has a breaking load of 20KN, meaning permeable pavers can handle the load and crunch of your car for decades. You can also use your driveway to collect clean, filtered water to wash your car.
  • Patios: Australian’s love to live their lives outdoors. The patio is often the most used part of the house so you want to use the best materials possible when it comes to creating it. Not only will permeable pavers take all the hassle of planning drainage out of your patio project, they will also last the test of time. Permeable pavers are incredibly resistant to weathering and will stand up under the coldest mornings and the hottest afternoons.
  • Garden pathways: Clean groundwater is essential if you want to turn your backyard into a vegetation-filled wonderland. Permeable pavers will filter rainwater and send it back into the soil, or, you can collect the rainwater and use it to water your garden.
  • Rooftop gardens: As houses get smaller, people are using every nook and cranny possible to bring a bit of green into their life. The problem with rooftop gardens is that they are difficult to drain and they retain a lot of heat. Permeable pavers allay both of these issues. The entire paved area becomes one big drainage point. Plus, rain water evaporates slowly from permeable pavers and their surface temperature reduces, reducing excess heat and humidity that can make it impossible to keep your plants healthy.
  • Pools: Permeable pavers are anti-slip, meaning the kids can run around the pool as much as they want. The heat regulating properties of permeable pavers means that you can lie by the pool on even the hottest of days.

Permeable pavers are one of those rare commodities that satisfy a number of concerns all at the same time. We need to start using materials that can give back to the environment while still offering all of the functionality that we require. Permeable pavers do this and more, making them to perfect choice for your next home hardscaping project.

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