Madison, in the USA, is tearing out the asphalt and concrete and going green, going back to nature!

Madison is replacing sidewalk areas that create stormwater run-off problems with bioinfiltration cells or ‘rain gardens’ and permeable pavers to allow stormwater to go through to the underlay.

These new features lower stormwater run-off, reducing flooding and erosion.

The project will demonstrate how low cost methods using permeable paving can be used to address stormwater run-off.

Trees and vegetation mixed directly with paving?  Yes! This is a perfect example of design and technology working together: permeable pavers are being used to beautify the main street and to simultaneously reduce water run-off problems.

Leading the field in Australia with this new eco-friendly technology is Premier Pavers with our new, exclusive and revolutionary permeable Premier Hydropavers®.

Premier Hydropavers® act like a sponge, first absorbing and then allowing water to flow directly through the paver, overcoming run off problems with water flows up to an amazing rate of 50mm per minute.

Water goes straight through them !

Premier Hydropavers®  are ceramic, and have a high breaking load of 20kN so you can drive a truck over them. They never need sealing, and the colour is fired into each paver.

Our designer colours and permeable paver surfaces help circumvent existing restrictions, allowing new opportunities to design attractive and functional paved areas that reduce run-off and drain water.

So like the wave of creativity overseas, you too can now design and solve water run-off problems – with stunning results.

Driveways, parking lots, walkways, alfresco areas, (and Main Streets) all become non-slip, puddle free permeable surfaces.

So get smart like Madison in the USA, with trees, plants and permeable pavers like Premier Hydropavers®.

We have the new Premier Hydropavers® in stock and interest is high so talk to us now on (03) 9248 2400.

At Premier Pavers and Stone, we are soaking up the challenge!

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