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  1. Lifetime Sustainability

    Premier Pavers is a permeable paver which contributes no damage to our mother earth, and also gives the water back to nature.

  2. Super high permeability

    The surface of Premier Hydropavers is 100% permeable allowing water to infiltrate at 60 mm per hour

  3. Eco-Friendly

    Premier Hydropavers function as a sponge which allows water to penetrate and hold water to redistribute if the rainfall is less than 5mm. The complete paving will become dranage, preserving water and preventing erosion when rain arrives quickly.

  4. Water conservation

    Water can quickly and naturally flow through Premier Hydropavers and return to the soil, improving the lives of plants and replenishing groundwater resources

  5. Strong water absorbing capacity

    Premier Hydropavers absorbs the rainwater within the pavers. If less than 5mm of rain falls in a way, the water is held in the paver and evaporates once the rain is over

  6. Safety and Comfort

    Rain water seeps into the Premier Hydropavers rather than forming puddles which increase the risk of slipping. Premier Hydropavers are designed to reduce the sun glare and night reflection. In fact, they are also equipped with a non-slip surface that has a British Pendulum Number (BPN) at minimum of 65. Such features make Premier Hydropavers suitable for your pool area.

  7. Easier planning approval

    Premier Hydropavers satisfy local council requirements stipulating that ware saving soutions must be implemented in paved areas. It is much easier to achieve the required permeable area, with the hardscaped areas enabling it be completely permeable.

  8. Easy maintenance

    Premier Hydropavers can be easily power washed hence require less frequent maintenance than their alternatives. There is no need to alleviate clogs on a regular bsis to maintain the permeability. Patented structure allows Premier Hydropavers to keep its permeability with minimal attention.

  9. Automatic temperature regulation

    Evaporation of water from the pavers can help regulate surface temperatures and humidity. It can also help to avoid the urban heat island effect

  10. Noise reduction

    The patented permeable structure of Premier Hydroavers can absorb vehicle noise and city hubbub, contributing to a peaceful environment.

  11. Durability

    Premier Hydropavers are more than 50 MPa compressively strong and have a breaking load strength of 10 to 20 kN

  12. Colour range

    Premier Hydropavers are available in a variety of colors. Being a ceramic produc that has been fired 1200 C will keep Premier Hydropavers beautiful indefinitely.

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