Porous permeable paving with extensive applications

Permeable paving by Premier Hydropavers® is a revolution in landscaping, for which property owners, interior designers and construction experts have been waiting. However, it should be taken into account how this technology came to be. We have observed over the period of human development in technology that ideas are recycled from the past and made bigger and better to be applicable in current times. The story of permeable paving is no different.


The basic idea comes from the thousand year old tradition of making walkways in the sand. For many years, walkways have been made by simply setting stones in the sand while leaving a gap between two stones. This simplistic design allowed water and dirt to flow in between the gaps, leaving very little to be maintained. This principle has been magnified to great extents to suit the needs of the 21st century through porous paving.

Premier Hydropavers® is comprised of a layered design that allows water to pass through effortlessly. The general set up of permeable paving includes the following layers:

  1. Layer– The paving material of your choice (colour and texture)
  2. Layer– A gravel bed that also adds to the strength of the pavers
  3. Layer– This layer comprises of a filter fabric or other material that ensures that no pollutants get passed on through to the bottom layer
  4. Layer– The bottom most layer is usually sand or soil that directs the water into the ground

Permeable paving offers benefits beyond what meets the eye and beyond the general convenience that our product offers. As we discussed in our previous article, the large scale benefits for city councils and homeowners in USA is a standing testament to the effectiveness of permeable paving.

Some of the general advantages of Premier Hydropavers® are:

  • Premier Hydropavers® help to manage and curb storm-water by allowing water to pass through the surface. This greatly reduces expenses and risks associated with stagnating water.
  • The various layers of permeable paving allows the water to be purified to a great extent before being replenished into the ground water.
  • Premier Hydropavers® feature an anti-slip surface, enabling many more applications in outdoor areas.

If you’re looking for a smart alternative to paving that is in tune with the requirements of the 21st century, Premier Hydropavers® is the ideal choice.

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