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Premier Hydropavers® – Exclusive in Australia to Premier Pavers & Stone

Meteoric urbanization impacts infrastructure and environment alike. Amidst spiraling demands, it is extremely vital to devise and implement sustainable strategies that would dampen negative effects on the environment and scant water resources.

The effect on water resources further intensifies as cities become denser. Trees are knocked off to make way for more concrete, which leads to storm water run-offs, sewage and land erosion. This also alters natural water cycles, ecosystems and biodiversity; reduces access to water and even imposes health risks because of water contamination.

In succinct, urban residents face two major water allocation challenges, quantity and quality, which predominantly emanate from increased levels of surface run-off, water source contamination and urban heat island effect.

So what’s the solution? Answer is Premier Hydropavers®.

What are Premier Hydropavers®?

Premier Hydropavers® are strong, versatile and attractive ceramic permeable pavers.

How do they work?

They address the water allocation challenges as illustrated below:

Surface run-off: Surface of Premier Hydropavers® is 100% permeable allowing water to seep through the paver into the soil, thereby offering a true solution to flooding in Australia. The Eco-friendly Premier Hydropavers® act as a sponge that let water to penetrate and retain, and to discharge if the rainfall is less than 5mm. Entire paving acts as a drainage, preserving water and preventing erosion when rain arrives heavier than it can be absorbed. It also averts formation of puddles, thereby mitigating the slip hazard.

Water source contamination: In urban areas, water sources are contaminated in three critical ways via. storm water running off into rivers, streams, and lakes; air pollution contaminating rainwater; and groundwater contamination. While permeable pavers can help create cleaner urban spaces, they do not themselves reduce water contamination. Rather, this occurs at the base of construction material – such as crushed rock – beneath the pavers, which absorbs excess rainwater. Contaminants within the rainwater attach themselves to the construction material and fragment over a period in a process known as adsorption. This results in fewer pollutants reaching rivers, streams and lakes, thereby preserving overall water quality in an area.

Urban heat island (UHI) effect: UHI is localised warming in urban areas and is caused by high amounts of paved and darkcoloured surface areas because of urban development. Permeable pavers can help reduce the UHI effect by keeping the temperatures down through the process of Evo transpiration creating cooler surrounding areas consequently. When the urban temperature drops, the energy consumption will also be less as the air-conditioning demand dips too. Additionally, this reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, lowering air pollution levels and generally improving overall health and human comfort.

If you want to invest in Premier Hydropavers®, please go to our “buy Premier Hydropavers®.

Premier Hydropavers Specification

Premier Hydropavers Specification

  • Permeability: Full Body
  • Compressive Strength: Higher than 50 MPa
  • Breaking Load: 10-20 kN
  • Modulus of Rupture: 8 MPa
  • Slip skid resistance: BPN 65 – 85
  • Water retaining capacity: 5 mm of any initial rainfall
  • Frost resistance: Minus 25°C
  • Abrasion resistance: 140 mm
  • Acoustical properties: Strong noise absorption capacity
  • Colors: 4 available in stocks. More colours available upon request
  • Applicable area: Driveways, patios, car parks, pedestrian area
  • Extreme long life cycle.
  • Stocks are available to pickup in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • Availability: immediately. If your requested colours are not in stocks, they will be available in 6-8 weeks.

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