Residential Benefits

Premier Hydropavers can help you to solve many problems such as:


  • Council approval process

Premier Hydropavers help you to achieve permeability conditions from Councils to obtain planning permits.

Using Premier Hydropavers can maximise land usage as you can achieve permeable requirements from Council without wasting such spaces. This can boost your long-term revenue and profit.


  • Low long-term cost

Investing in Premier Hydropavers can save you time and money in the long run. You do not have to alleviate the clogs to maintain permeability. Furthermore, you can easily replace the broken pavers with the new one.

Premier Hydropavers can also eliminate rainwater runoff, reduce drainage requirements – and your building costs.


  • Persistent Colours

With Premier Hydropavers, you do not have to worry that your driveway colour will fade over time. Our permeable pavers are colour-fast that will remain their look in a long time.


  • Eliminate ponding on your driveway

The permeable body of Premier Hydropavers can fully eliminate puddles on your driveway. It also minimises slippery risks which can make your paving safer for areas such as around your pool or driveway.


  • Wide applications

Premier Hydropavers are suitable for all vehicular and foot traffic applications. They are more than 50 Mpa compressive strong and have a breaking load strength of 10-20 kN.


  • Colours and Sizes

Premier Hydropavers are available in many colours and sizes that enhances the marketability of your project.


Stocks are available for pick-up in Sydney and Melbourne. There is no minimum order quantity for Premier Hydropavers. In case you do not have professional landscaper or installer, we are happy to assist you with that.


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